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I work with athletes of all ages and levels to help them understand the value of good nutrition.  I place focus on quality NOT quantity of food, timing of meals and how this impacts their performance, recovery and overall health.

I want those athletes of any age, level or whom I educate, to feel stronger, experience more prolonged bouts of energy and endurance.  Strengthen their immunity to avoid losing training days, game time/participation to frequent illnesses and infection.


£150 per talk or £100 per talk when purchased in a block of 3

General nutrition

Carbohydrates for sports

Proteins for sports

Fats for sports


The power of sleep for strength and performance

Talks can be delivered as a program  OR specific talks can be selected and presented pertaining to relevant sport. Each talk is approximately 30 minutes and 30 minutes would be allocated for Q&A


£65 per person

  • 1:1 - 2 x 20-minute consultations at start & end of program

  • Recipe Pack (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes)

  • Online Support via a suitable platform Live Q&A

1-2 week Personal Training Meal Plans

£35.00 per week

  • Training meal plans are constructed based on an athlete’s specific food likes & dislikes whilst also taking into consideration any food sensitivities/intolerances*, timing & intensity of training in order to ensure they have the maximum nutrients on board to perform & recover effectively.

*if there is a suspected sensitivity/intolerance – 1:1 consultation with functional testing can be requested

School Canteen Menu Enhancements


  • To help create effective sports nutrition specific meals.

Please note that talks & mini-programs can be delivered online.