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I am guessing that you have made it here to this page as you decided now is the time for you to harness the power from within to enhance your performance, recovery and health. 


By working with me, you can feel stronger, experience more and longer bouts of energy/endurance, strengthen immunity to avoid losing training days to frequent infections and illness.


I will help you to learn the importance of diet for overall health, not just for performance and recovery, whilst providing you with your own unique personal nutritional strategies to support you, your performance, recovery, injury prevention and health, well into your later years.

I will help you to strengthen your immunity with simple modifications to diet and lifestyle.


Did you know that many athletes function in an immunocompromised state?  This places them at an increased risk and susceptibility to infection that will ultimately lead to time away from doing the sport they love.

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Good sports nutrition is more than calories.  


My approach is based on the QUALITY of food.  This ensures the body is provided with optimum nourishment; making sure that it is healthy and provides a solid foundation for training, performing and recovery. 


If you are looking for a one-off consultation to make minor adjustments to your diet, I am not the right person for you.  Why?  Because it takes time to unveil what may be holding you back from feeling and performing at your very best.  My focus is on you and your requirements as an individual.


There is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to good nutrition; your level of physical activity, lifestyle, fitness, training and overall goals, each of these will determine your unique needs.  My programmes are designed in order that you see, feel and benefit from our time together.

The cost of my programmes start at £250.00 and here is what you get:

1. A full health assessment

This is a 90-minute consultation where I’m on a fact-finding mission to gain an understanding as to what is going on within your current health and the symptoms you present with, as well as diving deeply into family history, lifestyle, levels of physical activity, use of medication (current and past) and diet.

I will ask you to keep a 7-day food and activity diary prior to the appointment.  This will allow me to assess your current intake and activity levels and to make recommendations on what your needs should be.

2. A Bespoke nutrition & lifestyle plan

After your consultation with me, you’ll receive:

  • A written assessment, inclusive of aims, goals and timeframe

  • Supplement and laboratory testing recommendations, as required

  • A complimentary follow up phone call to ask any questions or air any concerns.

3. Follow up assessment

4-6 weeks following your initial consultation with me, we’ll meet again to assess your progress towards your health and performance goals. This 60-minute consultation will include:

  • Review of health and progress

  • Analysis of food and physical activity diary

  • Review of any test results

  • A revised nutrition and lifestyle plan

This appointment is for you, if you are not sure if you want to dive into a full package with me. Here is what you will get within your health and performance review.

A 90-minute consultation wherein I will go on an exploration as to your current health status, presenting symptoms, personal and family medical history, past and current lifestyle, levels of physical activity, use of medications (past and present) and your diet.

I will ask you to keep a 7 day food diary, and if necessary, an activity log prior to your initial consultation with me.  This will allow me to do two things:

  1. Assess your current nutrient intake for your level of activity, timing, level of intensity of your training and how you feel before/after training; and/or

  2. Assess your diet and lifestyle factors in terms of the symptoms you are expressing or the health concern which has been bothersome to you.


Within this consultation, you will be allowed to take notes from our discussion wherein we will discuss the aims of a program for you, any diet and lifestyle interventions and possible testing that may be required.  Should you decide to move forward with a package, a comprehensive report shall be provided to you.


You will be given a few take-away action points to put into effect immediately after your Health and Performance Review to help alleviate or reduce any symptoms or to enhance nutritional status and modify lifestyle factors that are hindering your health.


Should you decide to move forward with a program, the cost of the Health and Performance Review shall be deducted from the cost of the overall package.


4 - 6 weeks


6 - 12 weeks


Additional consultations & coaching:

45 mins £40

60 mins £55

Health & Performance Review


Within each consultation, I shall provide to you, Health Coaching, this will allow you to overcome barriers or self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from being the very best version of yourself.  Just as you have a performance coach who supports and encourage you with the right tools for your chosen activity, I to, will be your coach within your health and performance transformation.


Payment of a programme is to be made prior to the initial consultation to secure your appointment.  48-hours notice prior to the consultation is required to cancel or reschedule and the full fee will be refunded.