Reasons why you will need a post-Easter Detox

Follow a sugar detox after Easter, your health will thank you for it!

The shelves in every store are lined with rows of chocolate eggs and hotcross buns - and then there are the Easter specials on food and alcohol. Nobody wants to hold back on Easter celebrations, but we can all feel that familiar wave of fatigue, bloating and heaviness hit us at the end of the day.

Blood-sugar levels

Your blood-sugar levels are the first to suffer from too much sugar from chocolate, hotcross buns and dessert(s). High sugar foods give the body a sharp surge in energy, but that doesn't last long. Ever wondered why you’re so lethargic by the end of Easter Sunday?

These sharp spikes in blood sugar levels are quickly followed by sharp dips. Blood sugar levels fall low....the body seeks to normalise levels in order that we can go about our business but this means it needs more energy. These low dips in energy result in cravings for more sugar as the body tries desperately to regulate hormones and energy. Before you know it, you are munching down on the ears of another chocolate bunny.


The liver is our body’s natural detoxification system. It has a direct impact on fat regulation, hormone balance and digestion. During any holiday season, the liver is burdened and taxed with a heavy workload to rid the body of toxins accumulated from consuming alcohol, metabolising food, medications etc.. A build up of too many toxins in the body can result in a range of acute to chronic health issues. Toxic build-up brings about hormonal imbalances that can impact cravings for sugar. It's important to undertake a detox 2-3 times a year to help nourish and support liver function.


Find yourself developing a spot or two or bad skin after Easter or perhaps your eczema has really flared up? Your body sweats as a way to get rid of toxins, so the more chocolate you’re eating the more toxins make their way to and through the skin. If you do have eczema (dermatitis), there are many forms, this may be reversed when your gut health is worked upon (a topic for another day).


While wholegrain carbs are an important part of a healthy diet, the highly refined carbs in hotcross buns are not. Don’t forget to think about all the added sugar that make them taste so sweet and delish.

There’s a reason you feel bloated after indulging your sweet tooth. The bacteria that reside within your gastrointestinal tract produce gases from specific food substances but bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain is also an indication that you may have compromised gut health - this may make reducing the sweet stuff harder.

Bacteria have the ability to send signals to the brain when they crave sugar, fat and salt. One way to reduce this is by removing junk food and incorporating nourishing whole foods that will aid in the growth of beneficial bacteria to crowd out the bad bacteria that want you to eat the sweet stuff.

Thankfully, my Sugar Solution online program comes with an easy to follow recipe pack to help restore balance.

Kicking your sugar habit

Is one of the quickest ways to shift a few stubborn pounds and feel more energised than ever. But I know from experience that it can feel hard without the right information and support which is why I designed this online program.

Here’s the thing, knowing what to do is only part of the job. The magic lies in being coached and supported to actually do the work.

Removing / Avoiding sugar may:

  • Improve your digestion – pivotal for gut health and to ensure that the body is absorbing nutrients effectively required for energy production and recovery of muscle tissue.

  • Enhance metabolism

  • Help with weight management

  • Decrease pain and inflammation

  • Improve functioning of the immune system

  • Increase energy

  • Improve performance and recovery

  • Improve decision making

  • Improve sleep

You can purchase my SUGAR SOLUTION plan today for just £15. The plan is yours to keep. Do it as often as is needed to help set you back on the right track if you have found the sweet stuff taking over your thoughts and diet.

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