Nutrition & Immune Function

The weather has definitely changed...I opened my front door this morning and felt the crisp air hit my skin.

We know what that feeling means when the air changes, YES, big coats, hats and gloves, comfort food AND cold and flu season.

We were forced to slow down a lot this year due to the pandemic which seems to be rearing its ugly head again and whilst our lives have been and continue to be thrown into utter chaos - one consistent message has been heard over and over again via the news and via social media platforms "Support your Immune System".

Everywhere I looked previously and now I see "Tips to Boost your Immune System" and "Eat for Your Immunity" - yes, we should all be focusing on this, and whilst this is information that needs to be seen and heard, now more than ever, how many people actually took stock of their immunity? How many people realise the importance of nourishing and supporting their body and its immune system?

For an athlete - you're already functioning in an immunocompromised state with hectic training schedules, game play, physiological and psychological stresses both as part of your sport and personally. You are therefore at a greater risk for opportunistic infections - now more than ever you need to be protecting your immunity.

There is an abundance of evidence and clinical studies that suggest nutritional deficiencies impair the functioning of the immune system - how do these arise?

Poor diet (white foods, sugars, chemicals in sports drinks), stress (alters digestion/absorption of nutrients), potential acute or chronic intestinal inflammation which reduces the body's ability to absorb nutrients from food. I could go in-depth here, but I don't want to lose your attention.

Your immune system is involved in so many processes within the body from tissue repair after an injury to protecting you against viruses and infections.

If you want help to assess your nutrient needs to support your immune system - get in contact by booking a complementary call with me.

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