Are you fuelling properly at breakfast for your workout?

Having a smart breakfast before your morning workout is crucially important. You wouldn’t be able to start your car without fuel, and it can be difficult to get your body started after 8+ hours without any fuel.

When considering what to eat before your morning workout, think about three things:

  • How long do you have before your workout?

  • What type of exercise and what intensity are you planning?

  • How long will your workout last?

What you fuel with before your your morning session depends on how you are feeling and how much time you have in which to take fuel on board before undertaking physical activity.

One word of advice, do not consume a large heavy meal prior to training, otherwise your body is going to be focussing more on digestion than fuelling your muscles. Choose your breakfast wisely.

Timing is absolutely crucial. Try to wake 2 hours prior to your activity. Give yourself time to wake up, hydrate and have something to eat.

If your workout is only 30-45 mins, you won't need long lasting fuel. Your body should have substantial energy to go the distance. If your workout is longer than 60 mins, highly cardio-based, you'll want a good breakfast with high quality carbs, low fibre, little protein and fat, and a quick hit of 30g of carbohydrates in the form of a well-ripened banana or good quality sports gel 30 mins before you undertake the activity. This supports your body through its first 30-45 mins of work, thereafter, your body taps into your stores.

Considering all of the information above, your meals should still combine the three macros — carbs, fat, and protein. Our muscles primarily use carbs for energy, so they are one food group you don’t want to skip. Here are some ideas for breakfast based on how much time you have.

Full Meal (2 or more hours before your workout)

  • Whole grain toast with peanut butter and banana slices, drizzled with honey

  • 2 egg omelette with veggies, side of toast with grass-fed butter, 100% orange juice (50% water, 50% juice)

  • Overnight oats with chia seeds, berries or banana topped with a drizzle of honey and nut butter.

Light Meal (1-2 hours before your workout)

  • Whole grain wrap with one scrambled egg and 2oz goats cheese

  • Greek Yogurt with granola and chopped apple, sprinkled with cinnamon

  • Wholegrain toast with chia jam and peanut butter

Pre-workout snack (1 hour or less before your workout)

  • All foods Superfood pouch

  • Banana

  • Half a protein/energy bar

Other considerations: Ensure that you are properly hydrated. Check the color of your urine using a urine chart. Do not consume tea, coffee, energy drinks or sugar ladened beverages prior to undertaking a physical activity - these are diuretics.

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