Kicking Your Sugar Habit

Starting today (this very moment) you can kick that sugar habit to the curb and you can do it in less than a week (Best bit, it’s FREE!)

I care about you and your family and I also know how challenging it can be to rid yourself of sugar. Which is why I’m here to help you.

We are surrounded by sugar, it is everywhere and it has been made easily accessible to us and our children. It can be found in the grocery stores, petrol stations, advertisements on TV, social media, bus stop ads and vending machines.

I would say that most, but not all of us are very much aware that we eat too much sugar and that by consuming more than the recommended daily amount of sugar is not good for our health.

BUT…… between work, family, friends, studies and our ever-crazy lives it becomes all too easy to reach for that sugary snack whether that be chocolate, pastry, cake or cookies to lift our mood, boost our energy levels (for a short period of time) or we use it as a tool to keep hunger at bay whilst we prep food.

During times of stress or when having a lazy weekend or even when we are on holiday, it can become very easy to over indulge.

At that moment as you chew down on your sugary treat it may be making you feel good, that sudden rush of energy from the sugar has you feeling like a superhero and then……. just like that it hits you, the wall of tiredness or perhaps it may even be guilt.

I know it is difficult to kick the sugar habit, I have been there. But with these simple tips that helped me…...they may help you.

Starting today, I can help you cut back on the sugar, say goodbye to that afternoon wall of tiredness whilst helping you make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Join me today and start the 7-day Kick Your Sugar Habit program which can help you (and your family) break free from the chains of sugar.

Each day we shall focus on something different. Before the 7 days are through, you will have taken the first steps to breaking free from the sugar habit.

At the end of the 7 days and as my reward to you, you will receive my free e-book “The Sugar Solution” to help you stay on track.

So what do you say…..Are you ready to get started?

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EnergyWell Nutrition Packages

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  • One Month
  • £250
  • This package is perfect for those who are seeking advice on how to enhance their diet for improved health and health prevention.
  • Initial 60min consultation
  • Follow up (7 days later)
  • Final follow up (14 days later)
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  • Three Month
  • £500
  • If you want to achieve optimal well-being and really find what foods and lifestyle changes work best for you and your unique make-up, this is the package for you
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  • 2 x 45min Follow Ups (within first month)
  • 2 x 45min Follow Ups (within months 2 and 3)
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  • Six Month
  • £700
  • If you feel you need my expert knowledge to lead you through a complete wellbeing transformation and transformation of your diet and lifestyle, this is the package for you
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  • 5 x 45min Follow Ups (within months 2-6)
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