Integrated sports nutrition can dramatically help you step up your game . Book your FREE Health & Performance Transformation call today to find out more. 

All by transforming the way you eat for performance and recovery.

Is your body letting you down? Are you experiencing slow recovery times, problems sustaining energy for performance, struggling to achieve or maintain a healthy body weight for optimal performance?  Don’t worry, I'm here to help you improve on results, reach personal bests and help you feel like the amazing athlete I know you are!


I'm Melanie Gardiner, a Registered Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach with expertise as an Integrative Sports Nutritionist. I am a fitness enthusiast who understands the importance of nutrition, and I know how good I feel when I am eating the right foods for my body to help enhance performance and speed up recovery.

You don't need to be buying yet another sports nutrition book touting the latest diet with it’s ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition. You need a plan – a way to eat that is right just for your body, your sport, your training, your goals – and the accountability and coaching to make it work in your life. Take the next step by clicking the free call box above and let's talk about what you need to start your journey to get you from pillow to podium.

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Energy Health Hub is THE BEST place for athletes and individuals of all ages and fitness levels to come to understand the impact of food and lifestyle choices on the body that can help or hinder health, performance, recovery and overall wellbeing.


 I break down the latest media coverage on hot health topics to help you make an informed decision. Join my private online community for support, tips, recipes and much more... by clicking the button below.

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One - to - One

Consultations held in person or via skype for the athlete, recreational or persons who wants to optimise their health, performance and recovery with a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan.

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Team Talks

Group nutrition & health coaching programs assist with developing healthy habits to enhance sports performance & recovery with focus on quality of foods.


Online Courses

Start to transform your health, wellbeing and performance right now with my online courses. Full of information, helpful recipes and presentations for you to access privately and work through at your own pace.



Energy Health Hub is THE BEST place to come for athletes and individuals of all ages and levels to come and understand the impact of food on the body that can help or hinder health performance or recovery.

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